What Lies Within

What Lies Within: When you've experienced brokenness in any form, you have the tendency to REACH for similar characteristics of that thing that broke you. Training your mind to not see being broken as a setback is the first step to your healing. Although displaced, you've really been blessed with the opportunity to REPLACE that misfit of habits, emotions, persons, or self with what without fraudulent nature, is true, honest, loving and integral. We've been programed to feel embarrassed when we discover dishonesty, but recognizing that even in dishonesty lies truthful intent and is actually where our answers to healing is hidden. The fact of the matter is that brokenness has several different forms. There's person to person, and I believe also self to self. It's easy to identify with what another person is responsible for, but the real healing comes full force when we can relate to the broken pieces that we have caused within ourselves. We have so many relational parts of us that we ourselves have damaged. Our credit, which relates to our integrity. Our health, which relates to our love of self. Our family, which speaks to our ability to genuinely love others and lastly, our spirituality or our soul, which speaks to our ability to believe in the part of us that can't be dishonest. Truth is that our soul can't lie and the moment that we can learn to live in what our soul identifies as truth, we can immediately begin to heal, bc we have disrupted any chances of DISHONESTY! ~E. Ham~

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