NO HOOK-UPS: I remember telling my husband years before our move to Atlanta that when we moved, I wasn't moving to make more friends, I was moving to make more MONEY.

I've made several costly business mistakes trying to include temporary people in a lifelong vision. It forced me to train myself to NEVER conduct business on personal levels. By doing so you give people the opportunity to lessen the value of what you've worked so hard to build. They will only show it respect in front of the opportunity that it can offer.

"Ralph Lauren was recently on Oprah and she asked if his children received free clothing. He said, “No, they don’t get free clothing!" Ralph Lauren is a publicly traded company.” (Eye-opening moment!) Ralph Lauren, who is on the Forbes list of 400 wealthiest Americans, with a net worth of $5.8 billion, doesn’t give his own children free clothes. Why should you hand out discounts, jobs, etc?" ~Black Enterprise~ This speaks volumes!

A few months ago a family member approached me about a job. He asked, " was there anything he could do?" Immediately I began to call out a few opportunities and then the holy ghost prompted me to ask him one question! I said, "Cuzo(cousin), I have a job for you that will pay $25hr if you can answer one question for me." He got super hype! Then I said, WHAT'S THE NAME OF MY BUSINESS?" We sat in silence for about 20 seconds. He couldn't tell me! I was crushed, but I didn't let him know it. He apologized, we laughed, talked a little more, and then ended the conversation with our regular, I LOVE YOU's.(& we love each other dearly)

It opened my eyes to so much, but it opened my heart even more to the people like my Assistant/Office Manager who invests her time into genuinely helping me to build a brand that will last. She lacks nothing other than her sanity when I'm in the office. Lol real loud

Remember that everyone that you attach your brand to is a direct representation of you. Apostle McCloud taught us to "sow up". Lending a hand means you're helping someone else to STAND on their own. HOOK-UPS cripples them by teaching them that the discounted way is the only way to their dreams. They will never appreciate the value of the PROCESS. ~E. Ham~

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