What Lies Within: When you've experienced brokenness in any form, you have the tendency to REACH for similar characteristics of that thing that broke you. Training your mind to not see being broken as a setback is the first step to your healing. Although displaced, you've really been blessed with the opportunity to REPLACE that misfit of habits, emotions, persons, or self with what without fraudulent nature, is true, honest, loving and integral. We've been programed to feel embarrassed when we discover dishonesty, but recognizing that even in dishonesty lies truthful intent and is actually where our answers to healing is hidden. The fact of the matter is that brokenness has several different...

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NO HOOK-UPS: I remember telling my husband years before our move to Atlanta that when we moved, I wasn't moving to make more friends, I was moving to make more MONEY.

I've made several costly business mistakes trying to include temporary people in a lifelong vision. It forced me to train myself to NEVER conduct business on personal levels. By doing so you give people the opportunity to lessen the value of what you've worked so hard to build. They will only show it respect in front of the opportunity that it can offer.

"Ralph Lauren was recently on Oprah and she asked if his children received free clothing. He said, “No, they don’t get free clothing!" Ralph Lauren is a publicly trad...

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